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Gigabit broadband and your business

IMAGINE you are a small to medium business with several locations spread across the UK.

The nearest two offices are hundreds of miles apart from each other, so getting people together to discuss important projects is a costly affair with a great deal of travelling and overnight expense involved.

The Covid_19 pandemic has brought this particular scenario into stark relief.

Suppose you could video conference any time you wished?


The connections would be so reliable that coherent conversations could take place without buffering or the connection dropping out. Crucial business decisions could be made at a fraction of the time and cost. Would that be of interest to you?

What if you run a small business and you can’t afford to expand into the larger cities due to the cost of renting and running premises.

The ideal solution for you would be to have several agents working from their homes located in strategic positions across the UK to promote your business.

Your business sales pitch might involve presenting complicated drawings with photographs and annotations to your clients. To achieve this, you must be able to send the presentations electronically to your agents without delay.

Your agents are pitching for the business on your behalf and they need the information quickly. With Gigabit technology, you can send very large files quickly and reliably in just seconds.

This allows you to put your business on a level playing field with your competitors who are already based in the city and who are benefitting from Gigabit technology using the full fibre broadband network.

Would you be interested in being able to develop your business without the costly overheads of large premises in the city?

Perhaps your business is based in the UK but you are seeking to expand into the global market. Gigabit technology would allow you to hold web-based seminars with people placed anywhere in the world if they have the same technology. Sales demonstrations without the need to fly halfway across the globe could be delivered using Gigabit technology through a full-fibre connection.

These are just three of the many examples of how gigabit broadband could help you to expand your business.

How do I find out more?

Gigabit technology through the full-fibre broadband network is rapidly expanding across the UK. Full-fibre networks are the future and the demand is set to grow over the coming years.

The Government is committed to supporting transition to a full fibre network.

Funding is available for small to medium-size businesses as well as to communities to offset the cost of installing fast and reliable connections over the broadband infrastructure.

Currently small and medium-size businesses may be eligible for a gigabit voucher worth up to £2,500.

This money can be used in several ways to upgrade your business to a faster, better internet. A further bonus is that you do not have to pay this money back – it’s a grant and not a loan.

There is the facility for several small businesses operating in the same location to amalgamate their vouchers in order to supply the full fibre connection for the benefit of all.

At Rymote, we are committed to offering our customers all the assistance they need to make their business broadband superfast.

To find out if your business is eligible for a grant of up to £2500 from the government there is a simple online process to follow by entering your postcode into the checker below and complete an enquiry form.

Alternatively, you can email hello@rymote.com, or if you would prefer to speak to someone first, please call us on (0191) 3037781.

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