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Fast Fibre 100

Ideal for full household online with multiple devices. Upload speeds up to 25 Mbps. *Installation from £300


average speed

£25 per month

Fast Fibre 300

Perfect for streamers and online gamers. Upload speeds up to 75 Mbps. * Free installation on a 24 month contract


average speed

£35 per month

Fast Fibre 1000

Our ultimate package takes care of all and any existing internet needs. Upload speeds up to 250 Mbps. * Free installation on an 18 month contract


average speed

£45 per month

Check out our Business Packages

Our Business Packages offer great download speeds at affordable prices and consistent upload that will suit the needs of your business. Pick a package that's right for you and enquire

  • Looking for a hosted business telephone system? We can supply voice services with our Business Full-Fibre Broadband
  • Want great upload speeds? You've come to the right place. Our Business Full-Fibre Broadband provides upload speeds of up to 40 percent of the available package download speed

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Phone Service Rental

Decide whether you want to combine broadband and service rental into a great value package or dispense with phone service rental altogether. Phone packages available from £18 per month.

Local Support

We’re a great North East company, so you can rely on local support if you need it. Our friendly team will know exactly where you are and be able to offer help based on local knowledge.

Wireless Router

Every install comes with our dual- band router to give you rapid internet access wherever you are in your home.

Unlimited Downloads

You can use your broadband as much as you want to on all our packages.

Price Guarantee

You keep the same price on your package when your initial 12-month contract ends. No hidden surprises and you’re not tied in to lengthy contracts.

Wireless Mesh

Get Wi-Fi coverage in every room for every member of your family. For as little as £7 a month per pod, we can make sure you're squeezing every last drop of internet bandwidth from your Rymote service.

Service and Install

If you are looking to sell your home you better check your broadband speed. New research has revealed the value of a good broadband connection adds to a property. Poor internet could knock a shocking £38,902 off your house value

We guarantee minimum upload and download speeds meaning if you’re not getting the speeds as advertised, we’ll automatically move you onto a faster package.

Superfast fibre broadband  is speed limited and does not actually involve running fibre to your premises. We supply a full fibre solution which has theoretical speeds of up to 900 Mbps. If you have a gigabit voucher, we can install your service free of charge.

There are multiple factors that could impact the forecasted completion date. Bringing our fibre network to your community is a large construction project and requires participation and support of numerous stakeholders including contractors, highways authorities and landowners/landlords. Another major factor of our build is the right working conditions, which are largely dependent on the weather! So whilst we can’t always predict every issue that may arise, we will to take this into consideration when providing expected completion dates and will make sure that your service provider is aware of any potential delays as they arise.

To manage disruption and build swiftly, we use a range of construction methods including using existing underground ducting or overhead poles. On occasion we do need to do some construction work in certain parts of the build, which will require digging in the street to lay our fibre cabling. Making sure we can connect you quickly, with as little disruption as possible, is our top priority. On most occasions we are able to complete the works without any construction work, so you may not even notice us in the area. On the occasion that we complete construction works, we will keep all businesses and residents up to date about works and timeframes.

Some Providers do let you keep your email address with them however it can incur a charge, we have no influence over this.

No, the fibre installation will not cost you anything, as long as you have a valid gigabit broadband scheme voucher.

Our standard phone package for £18 includes 500 minutes for landline numbers and 500 minutes for mobile numbers and also includes line rental.


Yes, All our packages include VAT at the standard rate.

Our standard contracts are 12 months and payment is taken 14 days from the date of invoice using direct debit.

We advise that you do not renew or sign into another contract if you have or are requesting a voucher from the scheme, the reason for this is that the voucher is only valid for twelve months and renewing or signing up to a contract will cost you unnecessary charges in the form of early cancelation fees.

If you would like any other additional advice please feel free to contact us and we will make your transition as smooth as possible.

Rural Gigabit voucher scheme

The Gigabit Voucher is valid from the date of issue, for a period of twelve months.

There is no obligation to use the Gigabit Voucher if you do not wish to do so.

The Broadband upgrade voucher is only redeemable against a new ly provided fibre connection to your premises. It is not possible to use the voucher for any other means such as cancellation charges or monthly rental charges.

Yes, if your home  follows the criteria for the scheme you will be able to claim a voucher to help fund your fibre installation.

It may be possible to have properties added to the network and we will consider each opportunity under its own circumstances. If you are interested in getting added to the network, or want us to consider a new city or town for our network, please do register your interest with us. We will be sure to take all interest in the network into consideration when planning new areas to connect!